2014, A Year of Expectation!

At the advent of the Year of the Horse, on behalf of the China IP magazine, I wish our readers a Happy New Year.

Brand new 2013

It is an ageless apex in January to say goodbye to the passing year and to welcome in the new. It is also a most urgent endeavor.

Successful marketing stems from “details”

The international event of Patent Information Annual Conference 2013

Model IP cases of China from 2012

“Visiting parents regularly” examines scientific bases for legislative action

Tesla's open patents could charge market

US electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc announced earlier this month that it will open its patents for all to use.


'Spicy Girl' hot pot dispute boils over, new name needed

Chongqing local Li Jian recently found himself in hot water after documents showed the name of his 12-year-old restaurant in the Shangqingsi area was trademarked by another company.

Hubei high school students take invention gold in US

In June three students from the same high school in Hubei province each won a gold medal at the Invention and New Product Exposition in Pittsburgh, one of the largest invention trade shows in the United States.

IP Scene (2014-07-09)

'Spicy Girl' hot pot dispute boils over, new name needed

Hubei high school students take invention gold in US

IP Scene (2014-06-25)

Tesla's open patents could charge market

Forum: Courts can be too costly for patent protection

IP Scene (2014-05-07)

Growing rights into revenues at Zhongguancun

EU official: IP cure more costly than prevention

Guess lodges appeal against Gucci’s logo lawsuit

IP Scene (2014-04-16)

Golden Bear award winning film sold copyright worldwide

Copyright database to improve transparency


Specialist whilst generalist —Interview with Mr. C. K. Kwong, President of APAA

Established in December 1969, the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) now has over 2300 members from 18 Recognised Groups in over 24 jurisdictions. As a nongovernmental organization dedicated to promoting and enhancing IP protection in the Asian region, with a long history of over 40 years since its establishment, the Association has continuously played a crucial role in the development of the patent service industry of the region.

Concentrated professionalism —An interview with the Unitalen litigation team


A different type of licensing company—Sisvel’s place in the IP landscape


Waiting for the spring of production music—Interview with Ludan Bone, General Manager of Songba Culture Development Co., Ltd


Constant pursuit in ever-changing life


The sunset of Adivon

The 5-year trademark dispute between sportswear giant Adidas and local brand Adivon has finally come to an end with a settlement in May 2013. Adivon, the arguable copycat of Adidas, is to transfer its triangle logo and Chinese trademark with “阿迪王”(Adivon in Chinese) to Adidas for free, and to stop using them in any brand touch points.

Shocking new evidence appears in wong lo kat trademark dispute

On December 29th, 2011, the Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. (GPH) v. Hong Kong Jiaduobao Group (JDB) case over the trademark Wong Lo Kat Herbal Tea (WLK) was heard by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for the first time.

Strategies for Foreign Companies Initiating Intellectual Property Litigation in China

All frenzy for QQ

WOWO, lost in trademark

The 3rd China IP Annual Forum —— prestigious event for In-house IP managers in China

Identification of embedded advertising in TV programs and determination of false advertising and unfair competition

Determination of whether a particular scene in a television program is embedded advertising should be made by the standard of whether collaborative relationship exists between an advertiser and the program producer.

A referential comparison of international practices in calculating damages in patent infringement cases

Calculating damages in patent infringement cases has always been a difficult problem.

Identification of embedded advertising in TV programs and determination of false advertising and unfair competition

Preliminary Injunctions in Copyright Cases — Auction of Qian Zhongshu Letters as an Example

A study on the scheme of nominative fair use of trademarks

A referential comparison of international practices in calculating damages in patent infringement cases

2011 Top 10 IP Cases in China's Software Industry

Korea Company Claimed Three Million Yuan for Infringement upon Its Game Cabal Online Case summary:the Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People’s Court delivered the first instance judgment upon the ESTsoft Corp. (Korea) v. Moliyo Digital Entertainment Limited case over infringement upon software copyright, requiring the defendant to cease infringing activities immediately and pay the plaintiff three million yuan in compensation for the economic damages.

US wireless patent giant files legal actions against China's Huawei and ZTE

20 tons of fake drinks confiscated in N China

Sisvel proposes Wi-Fi 802.11n patent pool

No heat or on the heat -Wong Lo Kat mark dispute

Liao Zhide: the Eye of the Beholder of TACP

At first sight, Mr. Liao appears to be thin with white hair, and one cannot imagine that he is a theater and multiplex mogul in Taiwan.

High-tech patent fuels better car performance

You are what you eat, and the same could be said for a car - quality fuel affects performance and efficiency, say experts. With a vast number of advanced vehicles on the road and stricter controls on emissions in China, demand for better quality gasoline has skyrocketed.

Constant pursuit in ever-changing life

Beijing firm makes patented breakthrough in OLEDs

Techie takes gold medal for data gridlock solution

Kodak’s strategic transformation

The future patent system of the European Union

By now, regardless of home country, most people who are active in the IP field have heard that the member states of the European Union (EU) have agreed on new legislation concerning unitary patent protection throughout the union.

South African functional design protection for Chinese utility models

Navigating the patent landscape in Africa (II) -- focus on the legal frameworks in place in Africa for the protection of patent rights

Recent changes in international IP protection: Europe, the United States and Australia/New Zealand in comparative perspective

Navigating the trade mark landscape in Africa

Tactics for Initiating Intellectual Property Litigation in China ----Taking Infringement on Exhibitions for Example

The 4th China IP Annual Forum & 2014 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China Concluded in Beijing

IP spells success for range of companies based in Shandong

After three reviews and two years, a new Trademark Law

Name : Li Yan, Sun Fangtao
Title : Assistant Researcher, Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center, Patent Office, SIPO

Time difference considerations and conversions in the United States, Japan and the Europe

Name : Lin Bin, Yu Feng
Title : Examiners at Examination Cooperation Center of the Patent Office,SIPO,Beijing

Statutory comparison of examinations of utility defects and of invention patent

Name : Liu Shen,Yang Weiming
Title : Examiners at Patent Examination Cooperation Center Patent Office,SIPO,Beijing

Examining points in telecommunications for invention patent applications relating to biling systems

Name : Meph Jia Gui
Title : Global Law Office Arbitrator at World Intellectual Property Organization

Protecting unregistered trademarks from preemptive registration in China - protection under article 31 of the trademark law

Report on publication of professional IP articles in China of 2012

IP statistics

China arrests 3,170 suspects over IPR infringement

China's applications for trademarks top the world

Guangdong handles 145 infringement cases of Asian Games

35,000 software registered copyrights

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Recommendation of Global IP Service Agencies with Chinese Business

Washable keyboard

The future of China & WTO

JETRO: A decade of development in China