The 7th Sino-Japan (Shanghai) enterprise IP exchange seminar convened
(China IP)
Updated: 2012-06-13

The 7th Sino-Japan (Shanghai) Enterprise IP Exchange Seminar was held in March at the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Electric Group. Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Office Cai Yonglian and Executive Director of the Intellectual Property Association of Japan Masanobu Katoh attended and addressed the seminar.

Enterprises from both sides discussed issues around the themes of "service invention of enterprise and incentive system" and "to efficiently use patents." Enterprises agreed that the practical, novel and realistic seminar would be useful in promoting enterprise IP.

The seminar was co-hosted by Shanghai IP Service Center and the IP Association of Japan. Over 40 representatives from 18 enterprises including Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, Baosteel Group and Shanghai Jahwa attended it.

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