IP Scene (2013-03-20)
(China Daily)
Updated: 2013-03-20

IP Scene (2013-03-20)

1. Beijing

Sino-Egyptian cooperation

The State Intellectual Property Office and Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology recently signed an agreement to consolidate relations and enhance cooperation on intellectual property rights. The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding that covers the formulation and implementation of IP strategies, assembly of patent databases, training for patent examiners and exchange of documents.


2. Hebei

Valid patent inspection

Intellectual property authorities in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang recently launched a widespread inspection campaign across the city that included shopping malls, bookstores and electronics markets, along with 60 companies that have promised "no fake patents". The initiative evaluated patent records, validity, management systems and personnel.


3. Shanghai

Buzz over new battery

A research team at Fudan University recently developed a new type of battery that can power a car up to 400 kilometers after one full charge that lasts less than 20 seconds. Traditional battery cells typically last for just 150 km and take hours to charge. Lead researcher Wu Yuping said the design also offers longer endurance and a lower cost. Water inside the battery replaces traditional electrolyte solution and it uses a compound membrane to wrap lithium. A number of new energy car developers have asked for possible cooperation, said Wu.

Oriental Morning Post

4. Jiangsu

IP analysis system

An IP analysis system that will serve major economic and scientific projects across the province has first been implemented in Taizhou city. Designed to analyze whether a project is at risk of potential IP disputes, the system then offers methods to handle conflicts and can also predict potential losses from IP disputes.

Xinhua Daily

5. Guangdong

ZTE vaults into top 10

The Shenzhen-based ZTE Corp last year applied for 1,184 patents with the European Patent Office to become the first Chinese company to rank among the top 10. Huawei, another Shenzhen high-tech company, is 17th on the list. ZTE has applied for a total of 46,000 patents around the world, more than 11,000 of which have been granted. It has invested 30 billion yuan ($4.8 billion) in R&D over the last four years.

Nanfang Daily

6. Tibet

101 cultural heritage items

The autonomous region recently added 101 new local items of intangible cultural heritage after the latest round of selection by the local government, bringing the total number to 323. They are organized in nine categories that include eight items of traditional music, 29 dances, 10 folk customs and one local opera. Tibet also has 76 national intangible cultural heritage items and 68 state-level inheritors - or living practitioners - of traditional arts.


(China Daily 03/20/2013 page17)

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