IP Scene (2014-09-17)
(China Daily)
Updated: 2014-09-17


EU recommendations

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China launched the latest edition of its primary annual publication, The European Business in China Position Paper, last Tuesday. The chamber's president, Joerg Wuttke, suggested that the Chinese government should further consolidate the dominant position of Chinese companies in technology innovation and strengthen IP enforcement. The Position Paper included more than 800 recommendations that cover 28 vertical industry sectors including IP rights and nine horizontal cross-industry sectors.


US IPR exchanges

The Ministry of Commerce held the fourth annual IPR exchange in the United States last Friday. Chen Fuli, counselor from the Chinese Embassy to the US, introduced China's recent IP reforms, including the Trademark Law amendments and the efforts to establish dedicated IP courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Mark Cohen, a senior advisor for the US patent and trademark office, said the US attached great importance toward exchanges between the two countries on the issue and would continue to establish a fair business environment, with the Chinese government.



Fake toiletries seized

Police seized three men in Guzhen for producing and selling packages with fake logos of famous brands, including Darlie toothpaste and Head & Shoulders and Rejoice shampoos. Police found more than 10,000 cartons printed with the logos in a factory. A 36-year-old suspect said they started the business in March and had produced a total of 20,000 cartons.



Patent insurance

A subsidiary of the People's Insurance Company of China in Dongyang insured 15 invention patents owned by four local companies, with a combined premium of nearly 560,000 yuan ($91,200), the first of its kind in the city. During the signing ceremony, Tao Liqin, an IP expert at China Jiliang University, spoke about the significance and role of patent insurance with more than 80 representatives from local high-tech companies.



New multi-function textile

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University developed a new flexible textile circuit weaved with conductive fiber and ordinary fiber materials. It can be used to make clothes that feature certain comfort qualities and can be washed and dried by washing machine. Researchers said it would also help produce cell phones that are resistant to damage when dropped on the ground, as well as wearable devices that blend into clothes and more intelligent and durable military equipment.



Agriculture trade fair

More than 470 related patents and latest scientific achievements from 38 research institutes nationwide were displayed at an agricultural product processing industry investment and trading fair in Zhumadian. At match-up meetings held as a forerunner to the event 79 farm produce processing companies signed 110 contracts with 46 colleges and institutes. "Scientific research institutes must understand the actual needs of companies to maximize benefits through cooperation," said Zong Jinyao, head of the agricultural processing bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture.



Copyright expo leaves capital

The fifth China International Copyright Expo is being held in the provincial capital Chengdu. It is the first time that the expo has been held outside Beijing. The three-day event, organized by the National Copyright Administration and the Sichuan provincial government, comprises one exhibition and 12 themed activities. They include an international copyright forum, a music copyright protection forum and the China digital rights summit and fair.


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