Shenzhen: 73 Integrated Circuit Enterprises Applied 1540 Invention Patents in 2014
(Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)
Updated: 2015-09-09

According to the latest statistics, 73 enterprises and organizations are involved in the integrated circuit design industry in Shenzhen. In 2014, they earned 26.51 billion yuan in domestic and overseas sales, and applied 1858 patents including 1540 invention patents, 560 were granted.

The integrated circuit design industry and its relevant organizations have 15,627 practitioners, with total revenue of 26.51 billion yuan, including 22.37 billion yuan in domestic and 650 million USD in overseas, achieving a 19.68 percent year-on-year growth. At the present stage, IC products in Shenzhen are widely used in the fields of communication, automotive electronics, peripheral interface, consumer electronics, photoelectronics, and instrument and apparatus.

A number of favorable "Small Giants" enterprises, for example Hisilicon and Vimicro, have burgeoned in the segmentation industry. In the field of integrated circuit manufacturing, three key enterprises, including the well-known corporation SMIC, have attained 530 million yuan in domestic and overseas sales in 2014.

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