Multinational corporations management of service inventions in China2012-10-31

Name:Li Mi
Title:Patent Agent Beijing Lusheng Law Firm

The battle between innovation corporations has taken the high ground from the products and marketing to the new intellectual properties, the core competitive edge being the inventive creations of the corporate employees

Interest measurement in judgments on disputes over copyright infringement2012-10-31

Name:Yang Xiuqing
Title:Interest measurement in judgments on disputes over copyright infringement

The dispute over copyright infringement not only concerns the protection of interests of both litigants, but also usually concerns the public interests; therefore, the measurement of interests is unavoidable in a final judgment.

Patent marking in China and right to affix patent markings2012-10-31

Name: Sun Fangtao, Wang Xia, Yang Yingxiao and Li Xiaoli
Title: Examiners of Patent Examination Cooperation Center Beijing, Patent Office, SIPO

Article 15 of China’s Patent Law of 1984 provided that the patentee has the right to affix patent markings and the patent number on his patented products or the packaging thereof

The application of Article 33 in China's Patent Law and a study of the Cartridge Case2012-09-04

Name: Miao Yu and Ran JianguoTitle: Examiners of Patent Examination Cooperation Center Beijing, Patent Office, SIPO

The first part of the provision gives the applicant the right to amend his patent application as filed, for multiple reasons

The influence on music industry from the Copyright Law revision2012-09-04

Name: Albert Chen and Luo Yanjie
Title: Lawyers at Shanghai DeBund Law Offices

The two new rules constitute the socalled “extension of management” of copyright collective management organization

A comparative study on the patentability of process in China and the U.S.2012-09-04

Name: Song Jianbao, S.J.D.
Title: Intellectual Property Affairs Center of Ministry of Science and Technology of China 

There have been more and more discussions and arguments on the patentability for computer programs resulting from the engineering and industrialization of computational and software technologies.

Administrative enforcement of copyright: how to determine injuries to public interest2012-05-10

Name: Yang Yong
Title: Director of Investigation and Inspection Division of Shanghai Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps

There are difficulties for copyright law administrative enforcement in terms of the application of laws, regulations, and the practice of law enforcement

A brief introduction to patent applications from universities2012-05-10

Name: Zhang Wei
Title: Environmental Engineering office, department of materials, Beijing Center of Patent Examination Cooperation Center of SIPO

The author has taken part in the "IP Drive in Universities" since 2011 and some other activities such as the promotion of the Patent Law in universities.

Determination of joint liability for trademark infringement in online trading2012-03-12

Name: LuoYushu
Title: Director of Investigation And Inspection Division of Shanghai Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps

This Article will make an analysis on the basis of relevant cases.

The new Unfair Competition Act of the State of Washington and its effects on the manufacturing industry of China2012-03-12

Name: Zhang Guangliang
Title: Associate Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China

An Act entitled, Sale of Products — Stolen or Misappropriated Information Technology, was enacted by the State of Washington (Washington) this year

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services