Mode of copyright protection periodicals in digital age2012-01-06

Name:Tang Chao
Title:Board Chairman of Dragonsource Group and President of

Mode of copyright protection periodicals in digital age

Impact of "commercial success of inventions" upon judgment of inventive step2012-01-06

Name:Zhang Peng
Title:Examiner at Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO

Impact of "commercial success of inventions" upon judgment of inventive step

Substantive examination of functional limitations2011-11-01

Article 26 of Patent Law, para.4 provides: Patent claims must be supported by the written description, pointing out in clear and concise terms the subject matter sought to be patented.

Application of "seller's defense of legitimate source" in trademark infringement cases involving special goods2011-11-01

It provides that "Selling goods without awareness of such goods' infringement upon the exclusive right to use a trademark shall be exempted from liability for compensation insofar as the seller is able to prove that the goods were lawfully obtained and can indicate the supplier's identity."

A brief analysis of IP attributes of woodcuts2011-10-31

Recently I leafed through the Official Gazettes for Design Patents and found two design patents of woodcuts for the Chinese New Year ("woodcuts"), Wu Zi Deng Ke (five sons successfully pass imperial examinations) and Zhen Zhai Zhong Kui (Zhong Kui, a guardian spirit in the Chinese mythology, guards the homestead) filed before October 1st, 2009, have passed examinations and granted patents. These types of applications have drawn my attention and stirred my thoughts. See Images 1 and 2 below.

Suggestions on Copyright Law Amendment2011-09-22

The current Copyright Law came into force as of June 1, 1991. It underwent one minor amendment in October 2001 before China entered the WTO, and a second amendment was made to a specific article under the pressures from outside parties. Other than that, no substantial amendments have ever been made since it was promulgated and put into practice.

Importance of the Field of Endeavor for the Selection of Analogous Art2011-09-22

The Patent Examination Guide stipulates clearly the definition and selection of the analogous art, analogous art means a technical solution in the existing technology that is the most pertinent to the claimed invention.

A view on Plant variety under china's Plant IP Protection system2011-09-22

There is no uniform definition of “plant variety” under China’s plant IP protection system. According to its meaning from amplified interpretation under Guidelines for Patent Examination, all plants including transgenic plants shall be excluded from patentable subject matter whereas the protection of the rights in new varieties of plants shall be limited to propagating material of protected variety.

Is Baidu criminally liable?2011-07-13

Name:Shao Yanming

Baidu Library is an open platform for netizens to share files on line. Registered users of this platform may choose to read on line or download virtually unimaginable resources in almost every field: from school texts, exercises, test paper banks, academic theses, professional documents, official documents, to fictions.

Reflection on the Coping Strategies to Section 337 Survey2011-07-13

Name:Fan Li, Sun Haiyan, Yao Yun & Wang Zhiyong

With the exports from China frequently being subjected to the Section 337 Survey, Chinese people are getting familiar with it. Statistics show that China has become the most frequent target of the Section 337 Survey since 2002.

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