No tolerance for imperfection2012-06-13

In business, it is not an uncommon event that a seemingly seamless plan, even after strategic thinking and comprehensive deployment and with large manpower and material input, turns out to be a painful lesson because of negligence to details.

Patents hold the key for top watchmaker Seagull2012-03-28

Tianjin-headquartered Seagull Watch Group has again won an overseas intellectual property dispute, this time with Swiss watchmaker Omega SA during an international watch and jewelry fair in Basel, Switzerland early this month.

President Hu stresses investment, IPR protection with U.S. business elite2012-01-09

Chinese President Hu Jintao got down to work shortly after his arrival in Hawaii on November 17th, meeting with a group of U.S. business leaders to exchange views on investment, trade and protection of intellectual property rights (IPR).

CCTV lost lawsuit on trademark "星光大道"2012-01-09

"星光大道" (Walk of Fame) as an entertainment show on CCTV-3 is widely known by audiences across China.

Hollywood film giant exclusively licenses to Chinese video portal2012-01-09

The blockbuster Transformers: Dark of the Moon was exclusively shown on a Chinese video-viewing site beginning November 21st, becoming the first collaboration between a Hollywood film giant and a domestic video portal in a form of "exclusive copyright."

Sony patent points to biometric controllers2012-01-09

Sony PlayStation creator's patent application would cover controllers that read players' psychological and physical responses in real time during game play in order to drive dynamic responses from the software.

Microsoft chasing down Huawei for Android patent license agreement2012-01-09

Microsoft is chasing down Huawei in search of a patent licensing agreement early in November. "Yes, Microsoft has come to us,"

China and Japan establish a PPH to shorten patent prosecution period2012-01-09

The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China and its Japanese counterpart entered into an agreement on October 17th to establish a patent prosecution highway (PPH), which will greatly reduce the patent prosecution period for applicants in both countries.

Writers Publishing House will pay writers digital publishing royalties2011-11-02

Writers Publishing House recently declared that it would pay about a million Yuan to more than 80 writers as their digital publishing royalties, which is the first time a traditional publishing house has paid digital publishing royalties to the writers on a large scale. Among all the writers paid, more than 43 writers received more than 10,000 Yuan and 5 writers more than 30,000 Yuan. Only Tianxiabachang received a royalty of more than 100,000 Yuan.

Alibaba, Yahoo and Softbank agree on the equity transfer of Alipay2011-11-02 Ltd., Yahoo and Softbank Corp signed an agreement on the equity transfer of Alipay. The agreement clearly stipulates that Alipay will continue to provide services for Alibaba and the related companies, and Alipay agreed to give Alibaba a one-time cash return payment when the IPO goes public. The total return will amount to 37.5% of the market value of Alipay (based on the IPO price) and also should be between 2 billion dollars and 6 billion dollars. Alipay and its affiliate companies will be granted the necessary IPRs, as well as relevant software services on the condition of paying the fees, accounting to 49.9% of its earnings before tax. Alipay will no longer have to pay the fee after its or the holding companies’ IPO or should other liquidation events occur on either side.

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