Japanese comics in China2015-06-26

Japanese e-book provider Ebook Initiative recently announced plans to provide genuine Japanese comic books in China in April through a joint company set up with Stories magazine in Shanghai.

ID list of trademark retrial tool kicks out2015-06-26

Recently, the new ID List online search officially started to use in China, the U.S., Europe, South Korea and Japan.

Shanghai's authorized patent numbers surges2015-06-26

According to SIPA 23.7 patents were registered for every 10,000 people on average within 2014.

China patent e-filing sees rapid growth2015-06-26

SIPO is steadily popularizing and optimizing its E-filing system, and has achieved leapfrog development.

'LEXINGTON' wins trademark lawsuit in China2015-06-26

Lexington Furniture Industries Co., Ltd. (Lexington) accused Tianjin Fusite Wood Co., Ltd. (Fusite) and Laikexingdun (Tianjin) Trading Co., Ltd. (Laikexingdun Tianjin) for trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Fake goods seller sentenced2015-06-26

A woman who sold counterfeit products on social media platform WeChat was sentenced to three years in prison with a suspension of three years and fined 135,000 yuan ($21,725) by a court in Changshu.

Swatch wins a trademark lawsuit2015-06-26

The No 9333453 BALMAIN trademark was filed by Swatch Group for registration in April 2011, certifying to be used in Class 14 goods like clock.

Chinese phone makers welcome Qualcomm fine2015-06-26

Chinese cellphone makers on Feb 11 expressed their support of a record anti-trust fine levied on U.S. chip maker Qualcomm.

Kostritzer falls in trademark dispute2015-06-26

The seller of the famous German stout brand Kostritzer, German Atlantic Trade Consulting Co., LTD. (Atlantic), recently lost a trademark infringement lawsuit in China.

Cetis wins trademark lawsuit in China2015-06-26

Cetis filed a trademark revoking application to Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB), asking for revoking Bittel's No 4359350 trademark "TELEMATRIX".

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

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