IP scene2015-03-25


School's trademark embodies educational spirit and individuality2015-03-25

Chinese companies often apply for famous trademark registration to enjoy better protection or preferential policies. In Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region a public primary school registered a famous trademark and became the first of its kind in the region's education sector.

University's IP institute to aid tech transfer2015-03-25

An institute for intellectual property management was established in the School of Management at Zhejiang University on March 23.

Cultural branding holds key to success for Chinese tea2015-03-25

Despite having a long history and large production capacity, Chinese tea needs to enhance its value by building brands, said experts and industry insiders at a tea branding seminar last week in Pujiang county, Sichuan province.

Shanghai's authorized patent numbers surge2015-03-11

The number and quality of authorized patents in Shanghai is on the increase, a conference held in the city told.

Importance of protecting patents growing in China2015-01-28

People's Daily Online and the Intellectual Property Publishing House jointly unveiled three lists on Jan 20.

Register trademarks abroad in advance, companies advised2015-01-28

Chinese companies should make better use of international protocols to build strong brands overseas.

IP Scene2015-01-28

IP scenes around the world.

China Dealt 24,479 Patent Administrative Enforcement Cases in 20142015-01-26

China dealt 24,479 patent administrative enforcement cases in 2014.

Danfoss Defeated Trademark Infringement2015-01-26

Shanghai Pudong New Aera People's Court accepted a suit filed by Danfoss Co., LTD.

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services