IP scene - Jan 272016-01-27

IP news from Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Sichuan,and Guangdong.

County explores new markets for tieguanyin2016-01-27

The trademark for Anxi Tieguanyin, a premium oolong tea in China, is undergoing a major overseas registration campaign.

China now world's third LED lighting technology owner2016-01-20

An LED lighting project conducted by Nanchang University and LatticePower Corp in Jiangxi province was awarded the 2015 National Technology Invention Prize (First-Class) earlier this month.

WeChat committed to active copyright protection2016-01-20

The immense popularity of the social media app WeChat has brought increasing intellectual property challenges, according to a report released by the developer last week.

Shoemaker, Disney team up to target young buyers2016-01-20

China's time-honored shoemaker Neiliansheng recently announced it will work with Walt Disney Co to launch a new series of shoes that target the younger generation of consumers.

Counterfeit Disney products target of trademark campaign2016-01-13

As the US-based Walt Disney Co prepares to open a new theme park in Shanghai this year, China is carrying out a trademark protection campaign specifically designed for the iconic company.

Automakers lead tech companies in autonomous cars2016-01-13

High-tech companies are far from catching up with traditional automakers in the research and development of self-driving technologies.

IP scene - Jan 132016-01-13

IP news from Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Guizhou.

Trending trademark attracts many bids2016-01-06

Wang Chao from Zhengzhou, Henan province, has received many calls from strangers since early December, asking to buy a trademark he owns

Chinese dramas go global2016-01-06

The Legend of Miyue is one of the most recent Chinese TV dramas to be screened overseas. Exportation of Chinese TV drama copyrights has been on the rise.