China and Singapore Signed Memorandum of Und2014-12-05

China and Singapore Signed Memorandum of Und.

He Hua Meets with Korean Delegation from Samsung Electronics2014-12-05

He Hua met with the Korean delegation from Samsung Electronics.

Fresh Ideas and Devices at Invention Exhibition2014-12-05

The eighth International Exhibition of Inventions was held in Kunshan.

Police net 20,000 suspects nationwide2014-12-05

Police investigated 16,000 intellectual property cases.

Rubik's Cube should stay trademarked, says EU court2014-12-05

The renowned Rubik's Cube toy should be denied trademark protection.

Amazon branded 'playground bully' in Kindle spat2014-12-05

Amazon has been branded a "playground bully".

Champagne trade body seeks to put cork in wine critic2014-12-05

wine critic who goes by the name 'Champagne Jayne' is due in court.

Qualcomm faces $1b fine, cut in fees2014-12-05

China completed the anti-monopoly investigation into the US chip producer Qualcomm Inc.

Online literature growing at Baidu2014-12-05

In the Chinese world of online literature, "god" and "goddess" are mortals.

China's chip industry awaits boom despite challenges2014-12-05

China is known as the "world's factory,".

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services