The Application of English Trademark "Lincoln" Rejected2014-12-01

Beijing First Intermediate People's Court made the first instance verdict.

Fresh ideas and devices at invention exhibition2014-11-26

The eighth International Exhibition of Inventions was held in Kunshan, Jiangsu province.

First copyright auction for TV, movie content2014-11-26

The first national-level copyright auction for movie and TV content is expected to increase screenwriters.

IP Scene2014-11-26

IP news around the country.

Ireland to host local UPC division2014-11-24

The country plans to host a local division of the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

UK police target far-right group over use of royal symbol2014-11-24

An investigation has been launched into the alleged misuse of a royal symbol.

Oracle and SAP settle copyright spat2014-11-24

Company Oracle and its German rival SAP have settled a software copyright dispute between them.

Good News for US PCT Applicants2014-11-24

US PCT applicants will be allowed to select the ILPO.

Jiangsu: Unwise Fakes Near Confucius Temple2014-11-24

A souvenir shop was fined by the for selling counterfeit goods

Jiangsu: Trademark Festival Promotes Brands2014-11-24

The 2014 China Trademark Festival was held from Nov 8 to 10 in Suzhou city.

The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services