Blogger Han Han appeals to Baidu CEO on copyright
Updated: 2011-03-26

China's leading blogger Han Han made an emotional online appeal to Robin Li, CEO of to rectify copyright infringements on the largest Chinese search engine.

Han Han's blog, published early on Saturday, complained that representatives sent by Baidu were arrogant in the copyright negotiations with authors and refused to admit any act of piracy.

The author gave a detailed, distressful account of the economic difficulties of authors and the gray publishing industry, which could be "buried" by the online library Baidu Wenku.

"Even in 2004, when I was already a best-seller, I never stayed in a hotel room of more than 300 yuan per night…sometimes we had to wait for hours at the airport because the cheap flights took off at dusk, otherwise we would have to pay more for late checkouts."

"I almost never saw an entrepreneur in the publishing industry take first-class flights. We are not envious of riches, but why you don't spend even a cent and forcefully acquire the intellectual property free from this industry."

He went on to say in the letter that intellectual property rights always exist regardless of changes in expression mediums, such as writing on the wall, bamboo or on paper.

Han Han hinted in the letter that he would continue the campaign if Baidu Wenku doesn't actively protect copyrights.

"If Baidu Wenku doesn't retreat one step, I may walk more steps. Maybe in the near future, when you look down from your office in Beijing, you will see me."

Han Han ended the letter by saying he hoped Robin Li's daughter felt proud of her father.

Ten days ago, Han Han and 40 other writers signed a letter saying Baidu provided their works for free to download without their permission, branding it a "thief".