Guideline against monopolies released for public comment

The guideline against monopolies resulting from misuse of intellectual property rights was released for public review.

New Year to bring new regulations for Zhejiang

Zhejiang will bring in the "most stringent" protection efforts in the province's history.

Xiamen to regulate exhibition industry

Xiamen will implement an intellectual property protection regulation for the exhibition business on Jan 1, 2016.

Pending patent regulation puts more responsibility on platforms

As the world's biggest one-day online shopping spree takes place in China on Nov 11, many online shops are concerned that their patented products are being copied by others while consumers are afraid of buying counterfeit goods.

More court cases following free trade zone's expansion

The expansion of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone brought growing demand for judicial protection, in which civil and commercial cases involving intellectual property are commonly seen.

New rules address misuse of IP rights

National Development and Reform Commission recently finished a draft version of guidelines against monopolies that result from the misuse of intellectual property rights.

SIPO head: Strengthened laws will protect IP rights

Improved laws, policies and enforcement will together help China better protect intellectual property rights.

National guidelines improve rights performance in Zhejiang province

Implementing national guidelines for enterprise intellectual property management made companies in Zhejiang pay more attention to IP, better protect it and create more, according to IP authorities in the province.

Attorney Letter and Response Thereto in Infringement Situations

Recently, a word went around among the media that ZTE and Huawei have sent attorney letters to some cell phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo, claiming infringement of their WCDMA patents.

Case Analysis of the Protection of Earlier Name Right by the Chinese Trademark Law

How to prove and understand the "popularity" of the earlier name right owner is the important connotation of Article 32 of the Trademark Law.

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The J-Innovation

Steve Jobs died the month that the latest Nobel Prize winners were announced. The coincidence lends itself to speculation about inevitability.

Volunteer team bails out busy court

Government supports unique intellectual property fund

IP service providers showcase products

Experts call for standardization of IP services